We work in a bespoke way with clients to understand their needs and put together a package to give maximum impact. Our services fall into three broad areas: training and development; executive coaching; and facilitative consulting.  However, we find that clients often benefit from a blended approach.  Techniques are selected to maximise the impact of the development and can include academic models, practitioner techniques and even improvised comedy!

Clients typically approach us to help them develop more versatile leaders, teams and organisations.  They often seek support with:

- Strategy development

- Analytical and creative problem-solving

- Leadership development

- Generalist skills for individuals and teams (including collaboration, communication and presentation)

- Service improvement and change

- Organisational culture

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Training and development


Bespoke training and development workshops and programmes incorporating a range of academic theory and tried-and-tested techniques

Executive Coaching


Individual and team coaching to develop leadership skills, address challenges at work and make the most of new opportunities in complex systems

Facilitative consulting


Gain a fresh perspective on your strategy, service or people development using rigorous and objective analysis, review and recommendations