Training and development

We offer a range of bespoke training and development packages for individuals and groups.  Some are available as 'off-the-peg' interventions and others are tailored to meet your needs, perhaps alongside consultancy or coaching. 

We aim to create versatile leaders, teams and organisations that can adapt to an ever-changing environment.  Our main areas of focus are:

Leadership development - including systems leadership and 'the versatile leader'

Team development - the specific skills needed for the team to succeed e.g. collaboration, communication, trust, adaptation

Strategic thinking - developing and implementing strategy

Innovation and creativity - techniques to encourage innovation, risk-taking and creativity in the workplace

Problem-solving in complex systems - analytical and creative tools, techniques and insight to progress complex problems in challenging systems

Executive skills development - specific core skills such as 'thinking on your feet', presentation skills, 'analysis for the scared'

Professional skills development for education professionals - aimed at managers and leaders within schools

Bespoke interventions to suit your own needs and budget

A range of techniques, giving an engaging and innovative approach

Standalone interventions or part of a wider programme including coaching or mentoring to embed skills and maximise impact

Wide expertise, including in academic theory, industry-standard practitioner tools and applied improvisation and other creative techniques

Why choose us?

We have extensive experience of delivering training, teaching and facilitating complex workshops in sectors as diverse as education, banking, government, health, accountancy and charities.  This is backed-up by MBAs and other professional qualifications.  Julie is also a Visiting Lecturer in Change Management at the University of Brighton.


As practising consultants, we genuinely practise what we preach and never deliver training on tools or approaches that we don't have experience of using in the workplace.

Training and development

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